Hi there!

So, this is the sign-up thingy for "Letters-from-Hat"... (I'm reluctant to use the word "newsletter"... because it conjures up images of business adverts ... and matching corporate colours... and Times New Roman... and bland stories about ribbon-cutting events and speeches and what-not)...  (all the stuff I'm NOT about)...

E-mail "letters"... are basically a helpful way for me (Heather, aka: Hat) to connect with YOU... and for YOU to connect with me (if you reply to any of my e-mails - you'll reach me personally).

Firstly, 3 promises:
  • I will not bombard you with junk mail (I usually post about once a week.  Maybe once a fortnight.  Maybe once a month or once every 6 months.  Maybe twice a week - at most)... (I'm not exactly the most... uh... clockwork-organised type of person).
  • I won't share your details with anyone.  Count on it!
  • My mails are very easy to unsubscribe from - so if my letters ever become irrelevant or annoying - they're just a click away from disappearing altogether. :-)

Please tick your interest choices below.  It's my well-intentioned (although potentially ineffective) attempt to reach the right people at the right time (and hopefully save your inbox from irrelevant blah-blah-humbug). 

I look forward to connecting with you (and I'm not just saying that 'cause it's the *polite* thing to say)...

Chat soon-soon,

Hat x
Heather Costaras
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