Dee's Digital Draft

Where's the Free Pizza?

Yeah, no one clicks a link that says "subscribe to my newsletter" unless they are already a fan (you are, right?)  BUT WAIT DON'T GO - STOP!

Good you didn't leave yet.  Thanks.  So - here's the deal, I love pizza, not spam.  I cross-my-heart and hope to die, stick a needle in my eye if I spam you.  

HERE'S WHAT I WILL DO:  I'm gonna send you a note if I'm publishing something new and once a month I might drop you a note about what's new on my blog.  That's it.  And hey, we all know you don't check your email that often anyway so what's one more email to delete (but you won't, right?  You'll read it?)

I promise to include nifty pictures and maybe some funny gifs and while that's not free pizza (because what in life is) I promise to make it not spam.

Still with me?  Want my newsletter that isn't free pizza, but also isn't spam?  Sign up below.


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